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Customer Service

RNV Graphics thrives on providing top notch Customer Service to all our esteemed customers, from large enterprise companies to small businesses and individuals. No job is too large or too small, we take great pride in working with our customers and listening to their specific needs and delivering the very best results.

The Process

Today, a designer arranges the elements of a printing job on a computer monitor and sends the job to the printer as an electronic file. It is cleaner, faster, better quality and more reliable, but it is not always foolproof. Unlike traditional mechanicals, it is not always apparent when a piece of an electronic file is missing, particularly fonts; colors may be improperly specified; and trim, bleeds and traps may be incorrect. On the other hand, unnecessary information may create huge files and make it difficult to locate necessary information.

The process of checking for all the components of a printing job in an electronic file before outputting to film is called pre-flighting. Pre-flighting actually begins with the designer. The more you know about correctly preparing an electronic file, the more confident you will be with the outcome. There are less headaches on both ends: our preflight operators spend less time preparing and repairing your files, and ultimately you spend less money.